Strategic Plan


The Montrose County Fair Board is striving to preserve and promote our County Fair that encourages participation through 4-H and FFA memberships, while providing opportunities to o ur community, through education, competition, and activities that highlight our agricultural heritage.

Long Term Objectives

  1. Preserve agriculture in our community
  2. Create a sustainable event

Short Term Objectives

  1. Increase 4H and FFA membership and Fair participation.
    1. Increase local 4H membership from 225 in 2020 to 300 in 2025.
    2. Increase FFA participation in the Fair from 11 in 2020 to 15 in 2025.

2. Increase the opportunities for agricultural education.

    1. Strategic result will be set following the 2021 Fair.

3. Increase community participation in the Fair.

    1. Increase open show exhibitors from 324 in 2019 to 430 in 20205.
    2. Increase the Jr. Livestock Auction proceeds from $341,825 in 2020 to $500,000 in 2025.

4. Maintain a sustainable event

    1. Maintain a reserve of (TBD by Finance Committee) to host the next year’s Fair.
    2. Maintain a 15 person volunteer board with fully staffed committees ( at least two board members per committee).


Decision Making Framework

Increase 4H & FFA Participation

Does it have the potential to increase our Jr. Show participation?

Agriculturally Related

Does it focus on agriculture?

Increase Community Participation

Does it increase our community participation?

Create a Sustainable Event

Does it contribute to the bottom-line? Does it preserve resources?

Fair Board Mission Objectives Graphic