Open Show Ranch & Open Show Gymkhana Results

Open Show Results – Ranch

Ranch Cutting

Adult:1st– Christine McRoy ; 2nd-Allan Price ; 3rd– Isobel Hertlein

Senior 1st-Jacey Taylor; 2nd-Ryan Searcy,

Intermediate 1st-Kaden Hawks

Junior 1st-Aneka Price

Individual Cow

Adult  1st–  Christine McRoy; 2nd-Macy Gurule; 3rd-Allan Price; 4th-Isobel Hertlein; 5th– Shantel Tubbs; 6th-Julie Dunn

Senior 1st-Jacey Taylor; 2nd– Rayan Searcy

Intermediate 1st– Kaden Hawks

Junior 1stAneka Price



Adult: 1st-Jacey Dill; 2nd-Julie Dawn; 3rd-Christine McRoy; 4th-Isobel Hertleen; 5th-Allan Price; 6th-Macy Gurule

Senior:1st– Jacey Taylor; 2nd-Ryan Searcy

Intermediate:1st– Kaden Hawks; 2nd– Clara Fisher

Junior: 1stAneka Price



Adult: 1st– Isobel Hertlein; 2nd-Shantel Tubbs;3rd– Tracy Dill; 4th-Julie Dunn; 5th-Allan Price

Senior: 1st– Jacey Taylor; 2nd-Ryan Searcy

Intermediate: 1st– Kaden Hawks

Junior: 1st– Aneka Price


High Pt Ranch

Adult: Champion- Christine McRoy

Reserve – Isobel Hertlein

Senior: Champion- Jacey Taylor

Reserve- Ryan Searcy

Intermediate: Champion- Kaden Hawks

Reserve- Clara Fisher

Junior: Champion- Aneka Price

Open Show Results Gymkana


Adult: 1st– Ciera Erika; 2nd– Julie Clement; 3rd– Courtney Bassett

Intermediate: 1st-Clara Fisher; 2nd– Payton Bassett


Adult: 1st-Ciera Erika; 2nd–  Julie Clement


Adult: 1st-Julie Clement; 2nd– Courtney Bassett

1st-Clara Fisher; 2nd– Payton Bassett


Adult: 1st-Ciera Erika

Intermediate: 1st– Clara Fisher


High Pt Gymkhana

Adult: Champion-Ciera Erika

Reserve – Julie Clement

Intermediate: Champion-Clara Fisher

Reserve- Payton Bassett


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