Montrose County Fair & Rodeo Moves to Alternative Format for Poultry Show

Montrose, CO— In an effort to curb the spread of bird flu, the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo board, Junior Livestock Committee, and the Fair’s Poultry Superintendent met and decided to cancel the in-person poultry show this year. Members have the option to showcase their project in an alternate format.

“This was not an easy decision to have to make, we know the participants have worked hard on their projects for months,” said Montrose County Fair Board President Chris Cohick. “We did not want to put the participants in a situation where they had to worry about the health of their birds.”

Junior livestock poultry show members who want to stay enrolled in their poultry project will have the opportunity to complete a poster board about their project. These boards will be judged, and then the member will have an opportunity to interview with a judge, and their record book will be judged as well. If the member completes all the requirements, then the member will have the opportunity to receive funds from the Montrose County Fair Board/Stockmen’s Buyers Club in lieu of participation in the junior livestock sale.

Participants needing more information can reach out to the 4-H office at (970)249-3935. For more information on the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo, please visit

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