Junior Livestock Auction Sets Record of Over $658,000 

Montrose, CO— The Montrose County Fair and Rodeo Junior Livestock Auction set a new record last weekend with a total of both additional contributions and bids at $658,000 and growing. The sale continues to set strong records and reflects of both the strength of the local economy and support for agriculture within Montrose County. Add-on contributions are still accepted until Thursday evening.

“The sale has continued to exceed our expectations the past two years. I was concerned about the sale performance during the pandemic, but each year the numbers continue to grow,” said Chris Cohick, Montrose County Fair Board President. “On behalf of the fair board, I would like to thank the buyers and add-on contributors, as well as the Montrose County Stockmen’s Buyers Club. To me, this is a clear sign that the stockmen’s buyers club is working as intended—to increase the average sale amount of the animals.”  

This year, there were less animals due to highly pathogenic avian influenza—meaning no turkeys, ducks, or chickens were present in the show; yet the sale still continued to set a high bar for success. In 2019, the auction grossed $326,765, in 2020 the sale topped $341,825, and in 2021 $498,995 total in bid and contributions. The stockmen’s buyers club was formed in 2020 and now boasts nearly 40 members. Membership fees are used to help raise the average of all animals sold via the auction. To learn more about the stockmen’s buyers club, please visit here.

“The participants have worked all year round on these projects—investing money in purchasing the animal, feed, and supplies—it’s great to see that hard work rewarded at the end of the fair,” said Montrose County Fair Board Member and Livestock Auction Chair Cody Brown. “I would also like to thank the volunteers that helped make this sale possible. The buyers and add-on contributors are also to be recognized for setting a record high that will positively benefit these kids and their future projects.”

Community members may continue to support the children and their projects with additional contributions online here.  

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