Shelter Insurance (Megan Wilson) Inks Agreement as Presenting Sponsor of the Fair & Rodeo

Montrose, CO— The 135th Montrose County Fair and Rodeo starts the year ahead in sponsorships with a large commitment from Shelter Insurance (Megan Wilson).  Shelter Insurance signed on as the presenting sponsor for this year’s “This is Our Country” fair and rodeo.  Sponsor dollars are used to help fund entertainment, support the junior livestock participants, community participants, and provide operating capital for the event.


Shelter Insurance (Megan Wilson) began supporting the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo in 2017 as the Presenting sponsor for the concert, and continued at that level until the Fair Board went away from concerts as an entertainment option. Personally, Megan was involved as the Fair Board President from 2015-2018, and has remained an integral part of the Fair since.


“We are extremely pleased and excited to be the presenting sponsor for the 2021 Montrose County Fair and Rodeo. We couldn’t be prouder to be involved in this 135-year-old tradition that continues to bring our community together,” said Megan Wilson of the independently owned Shelter Insurance Agency. “This year’s theme; “This is Our Country” is very timely and we look forward to being a part of a series of events that shines a spotlight on our rural heritage.”


Chris Cohick, Fair Board President, acknowledged Shelter Insurance’s (Megan Wilson’s) commitment to our fair as he noted, “The Montrose County Fair Board would like to thank Shelter Insurance (Megan Wilson) for their support and commitment to our Montrose County Youth with this community-oriented sponsorship, as this year’s presenting sponsor of the Montrose County Fair & Rodeo. Megan has been an integral part our Fair in the past and has really proven her continuing support by becoming the presenting sponsor of the 2021 Montrose County Fair and Rodeo. We truly appreciate Shelter’s involvement, look forward to our future relationship with them and are honored to have our event carry the Shelter Insurance name.”


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