Changes Made to the Montrose County Fair Board

Montrose, CO— At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), the BOCC approved the re-structure of the Montrose County Fair Board and updated the fair board’s operating procedures. The changes came to fruition in an effort to improve the functionality of the Montrose County Fair Board in running a quality fair and rodeo.

The major changes to the structure of the fair board include reducing the number of board members from 12 with three alternates to a seated board of nine. Additionally, qualifications for being a fair board member were updated to address availability during the week of fair, bring awareness to the code of ethics, and reducing conflict of interest by limiting parents, grandparents, primary guardians, and siblings from becoming fair board members.

“We have had a great fair board the last few years. We think that the changes to the structure of the board and the bylaws will assist in improving the overall quality of the event. We understand the time commitment and work that goes into producing the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo, and we want to make every effort to assist the board in accomplishing their mission,” said Commissioner Keith Caddy.

The changes to the structure of the board and update of the bylaws will remove all currently seated board members from the board, relieving them of all future duties. Any resident of Montrose County who meets the updated qualifications specified in the bylaws may apply to be appointed to the Montrose County Fair Board.

“We are looking to build a well-rounded board that wants to continue the tradition of the Montrose County Fair and is excited about the opportunity of promoting agriculture in our community. We encourage anyone who might be interested in being on the board to submit an application,” said BOCC Chair Sue Hansen.

Applications are available online at or at the Montrose County Event Center office. For additional information on being a fair board member, please call 970-252-4358.


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