Proposed Rules for Fair 2020

Rules will be voted on at tonight’s Fair Board meeting!

2019-2020 Rules

1) Pig Carcass minimum weight to enter 250 – 300
a. This gets closer to a finished hog, instead of the buyer having to get the bought hog fed out for a period to finish
i. Option 1 – Change to 250 min, but if we are telling the buyers that 230 – 300 is our marketable animals, then how do we tell them that it isn’t a good butcher carcass below 250
ii. Option 2 – Leave as is

2) Would like to change date of birth on all market swine and lambs – Not to be born before Dec 1 of proceeding year

3) Buckles for Grand Showman only and only if 3 or more entries in a class
a. Arctic cups or engraved knives or something for Reserves

4) No Superintendents on announcers stand
a. Should be in the ring as the go to person

5) Barn Curfew
a. 9pm or 1 hour after last show ends

6) Implement 2017 Fair Bred and Fed Rules back into the new appended 2018
a. Montrose Bred and Fed – Open to all eligible animals in each class (not including the Champion and Reserve Champion Market Animal) that were born in Montrose County by a Montrose County Producer. All Montrose County Bred and Fed Beef must be branded with a Montrose County Brand. To be considered and eligible brand, Montrose County must be the county in which the ranch head-quarters and the address for the brand are located. Brand eligibility will be determined by the Brand Inspector at the initial weigh-in. The animal must be shown by a Montrose County 4-H or FFA member. All steers will be paraded and announced in the show ring. Only the top 2 placing eligible steers will be judged for Champion and Reserve Champion Bred and Fed.
b. Then add the 2018 rule to 2017s – (Animals that are born to an eligible ——– )

7) Possession of animals and housing
a. All Montrose County 4-H and FFA Members will maintain possession of fair animals and must be housed in Montrose County at all times.
i) Horses will be the exception due to housing at trainers, etc.

8) Only one county may be registered as Bred and Fed
a. If found that Breeder is registered or selling animals to multiple counties as Bred and Fed, they will no longer be a Eligible for Bred and Fed in Montrose County

9) Brands in child’s name
a. In order to have an owner’s 4-H member show their own beef, if brand not transferred to 4-H member’s name, owner and 4-H member need to both be registered on brand.

10) Leased animals
a. Leased animals by 4_h or FFA Members not will be allowed. 4-H permits, the Fair Board does not, ie. The brand rule
b. The Fair Board Rules trump the 4-H rules

11) Changing swine and lamb dates and weights

12) Open Breeding Beef in on Class Show Day
a. All open species in and back out on their show day
b. All breeding beef in and out on their show day – Safety and trying to protect from Heat cycles

13) Vendor early cancellation Policy
a. If it’s a charitable/Non Profit they get 100% back if over 2 weeks out from fair
a.1. 50% back if prior to 2 weeks from fair
b. Profit based
a.1. 50% back if over 2 weeks out from fair
a.2. 10% back if 2 weeks to 1 week out
a.3. 0% back if 1 week out from fair

14) No drinking on Fair and/or County Grounds at any time.
a. Only at liquor license events and in those designated areas
i. If caught, person/persons will be removed from the fair grounds and not let back in.

15) Livestock Rule 19
a. Exception for 4-H members showing dogs on show day & round robin show day. This would allow those Member’s dogs to be in wash racks, show ring and livestock barns.
i. Will be allowed to use wash racks on dog show days, but will not be allowed in any of the livestock barns.
ii. Will not be allowed during any other species shows, except the dog show and round robin show.

16) Proposal for early checkout for all livestock animals not going through the sale. With penalties for animals taken early that should be in the sale.

17) Proposal to lower goat weigh in weights from 10lb gain to 55 lb min to 110lb max – State Fair Weights

18) Proposal for new rule stating all exhibitors confine their animals within their designated stalls or pens, no wondering in public areas

19) Fair Inquiries
a. All inquiries, general questions and complaints first go to the superintendents to try and resolve, before going to a board member.

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